Kobelco Steel Tube providing all your metal tubing needs, from stainless steel tube fabrication, to piping work, can manufacturing, and engineering.

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Major Products

Seamless Stainless Steel pipe and tube  Piping use ・Piping use for chemical industry
・Piping use for semiconductor industry
 Heat exchanger use ・Heat exchanger use for chemical industry
・Heat exchanger use for power plant
 Mother tube Industrial machinery use ・Mother tube for redrawing
・Piping for machine structual use
 Boiler tube ・Boiler tube for power plant
Precision Tube  ・Piping for semiconductor industry
・Piping for hydrogen gas station
Specialty Tube  ・Ultra-Thin tube
・Duplex tube
Titanium Welded tube  ・Condenser tube for thermal and nuclear power plant
・Tube for desalination plant