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Titanium Welded Tube

Efficient Tube for an Advanced New Age

Thanks to its salient features of high resistance to corrosion and heat, light weight, and high strength, titanium is being used more and more in the aerospace field, the chemical industry, thermal and nuclear power generation, seawater desalination, and the construction of deep-sea survey submarines. Finding expanding applications in aerospace, on land, and in the ocean, titanium is attracting much attention as a new basic metal for coming generations. Kobelco Steel Tube produces such titanium welded tubes as condenser tubes for thermal and nuclear power generation and tubes for desalination plants, chemical plants, wheelchairs, bicycles, and motorcycle mufflers.

Example of application
・Thermal , nuclear power for condenser tube
・ Seawater desalination for tube
・Chemical plants

Titanium Welded Tube