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Stainless steel tube

Widely Applicable Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipe

Seamless stainless steel tubular products are used extensively in such fields as power generation, petrochemicals, food processing and industrial machinery manufacturing. Kobelco Steel Tube supplies a wide variety of tubes and pipe for industrial applications, including tubes with excellent machinability for machineparts and extra-long tubes used in feedwater heaters in general and nuclear power plants.

Kobelco Steel Tube's products were the first in Japan to receive approval for use in the Stamicarbon and Snamprogretti urea plant processes. Recent years have witnessed increased demand for stainless tube material with greater resistance to heat and corrosion, including seawater corrosion. Kobelco Steel Tube provides austenitic, ferritic, and dual-phase stainless steels for such applications as heat exchangers, boilers, and general piping systems. Nonferrous tubular products include those made from pure nickel, high nickel alloy, and titanium.

Example of application
- Piping use for nuclear power plants, chemical industry and petrochemical industry
- Heat exchanger use for power plant, Heat exchanger use for power plant
- Mother tubes for redrawing
- Industrial machinery use

U-bent heat exchanger tube

specialty Heater Tubes


Stailess steel tube