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corporate philosophy and Business policy

Corporate philosophy

  1. Always aim to ensure the highest Operational excellence at that time, to provide the technology, products, and service that are trusted by our customers
  2. Based on the human-oriented management, to create a corporate culture that enhances the strength of the teamwork by making the most of every employee’s characteristic
  3. To achieve stable and long-term growth by continuous changes and making new value

Business policy

1. Establishment of revenue base that can withstand any external environment
  1) To ensure the world production share fifth place
  2) Execution of research and development activities that aim at new menu ratio 30% or
   more fiscal year 2018
  3) Ability to absorb price fluctuations cost to acquire

2. Establishment of system of order production on 2000 tons
  1) Implementation of improvement aiming at productive capacity expansion
  2) Implementation of process improvement which excels an other company
  3) Upbringing of an operation management staff
  4) Upbringing of a process technology specialist
  5) Change of production line to professional

3. Promotion of improving one's physical condition for complete safety office